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Bringing change to Duluth

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Bringing change and 2nd chances

Building 400 attached housing units (apartments) on land stolen from Lester is urban sprawl.  It's not a natural extension of the community or Lakeside, Lester Park neighborhoods. Its high density development totally inappropriate with the existing ecology of the area at the eastern end of town.

Stimulating Discussion, Formulating an Opinion and Taking Action


Responsive, Accountable, Transparent Local Government

Duluthians for Preservation of Minnesota's Most Livable City, is dedicated to bringing sound urban planning, and community development strategies to the forefront of daily dialogue between, residents, registered voters and our elected city officials.  

What Makes a City Livable?  A Livable city has safety, education, hygiene, healthcare, culture, environment, recreation, political and economic stability, public transport access to goods and services.  A livable city has land use form quality with conservation of public spaces and natural environment, efficient transport networks, accessibility to work, education, health, community services, social and recreational opportunity.

Four Fundamental Qualities of a Livable City: 1. Robust and compatible neighborhoods; 2.Accessibility and sustainable mobility; 3. A diverse and sustainable economy; 4. vibrant public spaces and affordability  

Residents should not be afraid to voice the concerns, issues and possible community wide impacts that will result from poor planning and development that should never be allowed.

We have nine City Councilors representing us on the council, it's "a strong Mayor, weak council" form of local  government.  You can call or email your city councilor.

Telephone; 218-730-5700



Gary Anderson

Joel Sipress

Roz Randorf

Renee Van Nett

Janet Kennedy

Zack Filipovich

Arik Forsman

Dereck Medved

Terese Tomanek

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Duluthians for Preservation of Minnesota's Most Livable City will never send you a cookie, or use your info to sell you something.  Any resident can be a member, no charge, all we ask is that you become more aware of what we as a community are facing.  Everything we collectively value is up for sale at pennies on the dollar.  Opportunities for our youth are being diminished in favor of high density housing for fat cats that will forever change the social and environmental fabric of the city , if we allow it to be approved and built.  Everyone can expect their property values to decrease, but property taxes won't go down, and rents won't decline.

We need everyone to talk to their neighbors, family and friends about the issues we examine here.  They won't see it on the evening news or in the paper.  If the local media does weigh in they will spin it positively, ignoring the obvious pitfalls.

Making a Commitment to Initiate Positive Change In the Mayor's Office

Make it Point to visit with us on a regular basis.  As we raise more information on the proposed plans and City Hall's response to issues, our base will grow.  Residents will get the information no media outlet will provide, we will continue to add Web Site Moderators to ensure we have qualified experts to deal with every issue on the table at the time.

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